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LG says no Nexus 5 and no to flexible screen smartphones this year

lg-optimus-g-pro-black-front-camera-macro-angleCheck out our review of the Google Nexus 5 smart phone.

LG is crushing dreams all over the place today. First, it has announced the white Nexus 4 with no alterations aside from the color, and now, in an interview with Dutch website All About Phones, Kim Wong, the VP of LG’s European mobile arm, has not only said it’s done with Nexus hardware, but is also unlikely to release a flexible phone this year. It’s not all bad news though, as Kim also talked about LG’s impending re-entry into the world of tablets, and the possibility of a smartphone with a new OS.

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We’ll start with the Nexus 5, as it’s a bizarre quote. Kim says the Nexus 4 was a great success for the company, despite problems it had keeping up with demand; however it, “Does not need such a marketing success again.” We’re willing to believe something has been lost in translation here. Otherwise, LG has become the first company to say, “No, that’s enough success for now, thank you.”

On a related note, apparently LG won’t be following arch-rival Samsung with a special Android-only version of the Optimus G or Optimus G Pro, stating in a very factually correct way, such devices have, “No added value for us.” Windows Phone didn’t escape the negativity either, and Microsoft’s mobile OS was described as a, “Low priority.”

No flexible screens this year, but a Firefox phone is possible

lgd-5-inch-plastic-oled1The disappointments continued as the conversation moved to flexible screens. LG appeared to embrace this technology; however, according to Kim, it won’t be releasing a phone with a flexible screen this year, as the technology is, “Not mature enough yet.” This goes against a previous report, where the president of LG Mobile said a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen would be out in the fourth quarter of this year. LG proved it has been hard at work on such a panel, as it showed a flexible 5-inch screen at a display tech trade show earlier this month. In this case, a poor translation may be to blame for the confusion, as we wonder if a flexible phone was being discussed, and not a solid phone with a flexible screen. After all, it’s an important distinction.

That’s what LG won’t be doing, but what will it be doing? Kim commented on what he called an, “unhealthy duopoly” of Android and Apple, saying LG is working on smartphones which use a different operating system. Chances are, this is Firefox OS, as LG is a confirmed Mozilla partner, and recently said it was ready to release Firefox phones in selected markets either later this year, or early next.

Finally, we can apparently look forward to a new Android tablet from LG, although no information was offered on its specs or approximate arrival date. Plus the Optimus G2 is still on track for later in 2013, and in a break from LG tradition, it’s going to get a fast international release. The Optimus G2 was the most likely candidate for a flexible screen, but that may not be the case anymore. We’re not sure the promise of a Firefox phone and another Android tablet makes up for it either.

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