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Next year, LG will be back and more bendy than ever in G Flex 2: Flex Harder

lg g flex 2 rumored for 2014 launch curve
If the current crop of flexible phones, that’s the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, just aren’t bendable enough to catch your interest, then according to the latest rumor you’ve got another year to wait before the first truly flexy phones go on sale. The news comes from ZDNet Korea, who’ve been told LG is working on a sequel to the G Flex, tentatively known as the G Flex 2, which will be capable of bending through 90 degrees.

While a 90 degree bend will mean the G FLex 2 won’t be able to fold up on itself, it does present some interesting benefits. When we think of folding phones, they’re always equipped with a hinge, but the G Flex 2 will simply be bendable. We’ve seen how the G Flex can withstand being sat on, and then spring back into shape when the weight has been lifted. Well, imagine the phone completely shaping itself around your body when its in your pocket. Not only more comfortable, but more resilient to damage too.

For this to become reality, it’s not only the glass and screen that needs to bend and shape itself, it’s the chassis and some of the internal components too. The G Flex shows LG’s pushing forward with its flexible screens, and the company’s battery division has recently talked about curved batteries which will, “Power the next generation of smartphones from LG.”

Everything has to come in stages, and while the G Flex is likely to be our first taste of a flexible-screened phone, the G Flex 2 sounds like it’ll be closer to what we’d expect a flexible phone to be like. The report also teases us about the stage after this, a phone which can fold up like a piece of paper, and LG apparently plans to have one ready for 2015.

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