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LG G Flex rumored for international launch after December 2 event

lg g flex rumored international launch december 2 phone

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The Galaxy Round was the first smartphone to feature a flexible screen, but Samsung chose to only launch it in South Korea, keeping it as a very limited edition. LG was close behind its arch rival, and came out with the G Flex just weeks later. However, LG has said it’s going to spread its flexible friend around the world, meaning for those of us not living in Korea, it’s likely to be the first of its kind to go on sale.

LG released the G Flex in Korea a few weeks ago, and now we may have got a hint of when it’ll begin its international journey, as invitations to an event in Hong Kong on December 3 have started to appear. The news comes from a Chinese website, and the invitation is accompanied by an image clearly showing the G Flex, leaving little doubt it’s for the flexy phone.

What’s not clear is whether this is going to be a general event to signal the phone’s international launch, or if it’s only a local event. While we’d normally edge towards the latter, an earlier rumor pointed to the G Flex being released in France during the first few days of December. The timing certainly fits, but we’ve yet to see any corresponding event invitations, or the phone show up on LG’s French site. A further rumor suggested the phone wouldn’t be out until February 2014.

The LG G Flex’s super durable, and massive, flexible screen measures 6-inches, and has a 720p resolution. The design curves from top to bottom, and it shares the same rear-mounted volume and power keys seen on the LG G2. The rear panel also has a self-healing coating, seen in action here in a video posted to LG’s UK YouTube channel, another hint the phone will be coming to Europe soon. As for its U.S. release, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are said to have signed a deal to stock the phone.

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