First images of the LG G Pad X leak, revealing Verizon branding and classic LG design

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LG’s new tablets release like clockwork, so it’s unsurprising that this year’s revision is right around the corner. Semi-retired leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass (@evleaks on Twitter) has released images of an unannounced addition to the company’s Android G Pad lineup: the G Pad X.

The pictured 8.3-inch G Pad X appears to be a 4G LTE variant of the device that’s headed for Verizon airwaves. It’s hard to gather much beyond that, but the tablet appears to be running (judging from the iconography) some version of Android Lollipop and sports stereo speakers and a front and rear camera.

In terms of aesthetics, not much appears to have changed from last year’s G Pad 8.3. The G Pad X continues LG’s paradigm of curved corners and sloping edges, but does appear to feature a (likely plastic) back panel with brushed metal accents.

If pricing remains in line, it’ll likely debut around $130 on contract and $400 unlocked, but what’s unclear is the number of G Pad X configurations that’ll debut at launch. In the past, LG’s released updated its mid-range G Pad tablet across three sizes, 7, 8, and 10 inches. That’s likely the case this time around, too, but it’s tough to be sure.

What’s also unclear is whether the G Pad X is a Verizon exclusive. That’s logical — the previous generation of G Pad tablets were tied solely to Big Red — but in lieu of any evidence, that’s going out on a limb.

A new G Pad will complete LG’s trifecta of new devices. It recently released the G Watch Urbane, the $350 follow-up to its second Android Wear Smartwatch, the G Watch R. It also unveiled its next flagship handset, the G4, at a global event last month. What better than a tablet to complement the watch and smartphone?

We’re monitoring the rumor mills for more. We’ll update this story as the leaks trickle in.