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LG rumored to be working on a mini version of the G2 (Updated)

LG G2 Phone top back camera

It may seem like big smartphones are the in thing this year, but one shouldn’t forget that small has been a growing trend too. When we say small, what we actually mean is the popularity (amongst manufacturers, at least) of Mini versions of top-end smartphones. We’ve already got the Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini, and everyone from ZTE and Sony, to Motorola and Asus also all wanting a piece of the action.

One name missing from that list is LG, but if a new rumor is correct, then it may not be for much longer. According to, LG is working hard on a more compact version of the G2 smartphone, known unsurprisingly as the G2 Mini. For the most part, the “Mini” phone phenomenon hasn’t been all that exciting, thanks to the technical specification of these phones being considerably lower than their larger counterparts. However, LG could be following the Sony Xperia Z1 F’s lead with the G2 Mini.

The G2 Mini’s screen size could be 4.7-inches, which matches the HTC One and is half an inch smaller than the G2, but it’s not clear if it’ll have the same 1080p resolution. Inside may be very similar though, as a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM are both likely to be present. Sony’s Japan-only Xperia Z1 F has an almost identical spec to the full-size Z1, only with a smaller 4.3-inch, 720p display.

Updated on 12/23/2013 by Andy: Sadly, a new rumor has dampened our earlier enthusiasm for the LG G2 Mini. A set of specs have appeared on a benchmarking website related to an unknown LG phone with the model number D410. It’s being linked to the G2 Mini, and if that’s the case, it’s going to be more Galaxy S4 Mini than Xperia Z1 F. The screen size isn’t mentioned, but a 960 x 540 pixel resolution is, along with a 1.2GHz MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 processor. Perhaps the only good news is the installation of Android 4.4 KitKat.

What makes the LG G2 stand out from the crowd is its rear-mounted volume and power controls, and while there’s no mention of they’ll make it on to the Mini, we’d be slightly surprised if LG gave away the G2’s party piece so easily.

If the LG G2 Mini is real, then its launch could be imminent, and there are two good opportunities coming in the new year. First we have CES in January, then Mobile World Congress at the end of February. We’ll have to wait and see, but as there’s no official confirmation of the Mini’s existence, this will stay as a tantalizing rumor for now.

Article originally published on 12/10/2013

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