LG G2 coming to Verizon on September 12 for $200 with exclusive wireless charging feature (Updated with AT&T date)


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The new LG G2 super phone is coming to Verizon next week, and it’ll cost you $200 to secure one, provided you don’t mind signing a new two-year contract. The network is the first to confirm a launch date for the device, but AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are also going to stock it, so look out for similar news from them soon. However, there’s a good reason to buy the phone from Verizon, as it has bagged exclusive rights to the built-in wireless charging feature, with LG only able to offer it through a separate case on other versions.

LG announced the G2 in August as a challenger to top-of-the-range Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Xperia Z, and the HTC One. It’s easily the most intriguing phone LG has released, mainly because it has done something different by shifting the volume and power controls to a panel below the camera lens on the rear. This has enabled it to reduce the size of the screen bezel to almost nothing at all, giving the G2 a very modern look.

The specs are impressive, too. The screen measures 5.2-inches and has a 1080p resolution, and a Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.26GHz with 2GB of RAM provides the power. A 13-megapixel primary camera and a 2.1-megapixel secondary cam take care of the pictures, and there’s 32GB of memory on which to store your photos, apps, and media. Android 4.2.2 is installed along with a wide range of LG software, plus some cool gesture controls, such as a double tap on the screen to wake up the device, and raising the phone to your ear automatically answers a call.

If you’re still making a decision on whether to buy the LG G2, make sure you read our LG G2 hands-on report, where we speak highly of LG’s new flagship phone. If your mind is already made up, then it’ll go on sale both in-store and online with Verizon on September 12.

Updated on 09/06/2013 by Andy: AT&T will be selling the LG G2 in store from September 13, but online pre-orders start today. On a standard two-year contract, the G2 costs $200, but if you choose the AT&T Next program, which gives the option of upgrading for free after 12-months, then it’s $27 per month with no downpayment. AT&T has given the G2 an unlocked price of $575.

Article originally published on 09/05/2013