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LG doubles G3 battery life with free extra batery pack and charging cradle

LG G3 app grid
LG’s G3 already has a very long battery life, but the company has seen fit to double the flagship’s battery life with a new promotion. From now until September 22, LG will give anyone who buys a G3, an extra battery pack and charging cradle.

LG says that both the battery and charger would typically cost around $70, so even though you’ll have to pay a sizable amount for the G3, it’s a great deal. Those who take advantage of the promotion would then be able to charge their extra battery while they use the removable 3000mAh battery that comes with the G3. Then, once that one runs out, they’ll be able to pop in the new one and keep humming along.

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Seeing as the G3 already gives about 50 hours of 3G use before it needs to be recharged, having an extra battery on hand could mean that you almost never have to charge your smartphone. You’ll never be a wall hugger again.

To take advantage of the promotion, all you have to do is visit LG’s website and you’re good to go.

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