LG jumps aboard the bandwagon, launches cloud storage service

LG CloudCloud storage solutions are the in-thing at the moment, with everyone from HTC and Apple to Amazon and even Walmart offering a variation on the same theme. Last week saw Google launch Drive, which was met with considerable excitement, despite the well-documented privacy and accessibility concerns over such services.

Consumer electronics manufacturer LG has now jumped aboard the bandwagon, which is rapidly becoming very crowded, with the LG Cloud. Video, music and photos can all be uploaded and then shared across other connected LG devices such as smartphones and Smart TVs, plus viewed on a computer too.

Initially launching in the US and Korea, LG Cloud provides 5GB of space as standard, but there’s an indication some users could get 50GB of free space for the first six months. Since this will presumably then revert to 5GB after that time, you best be prepared to lose whatever is stored there, or pay up as necessary.

LG doesn’t say how much it’ll charge for extra storage, but does say it’ll be introducing such a feature in the future.

To send a file to the LG Cloud you can use the website, a downloadable client for Windows computers, or via a dedicated Android application. The app is free to download from the Android Market, but needs either Android 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0 installed. LG add that an iPhone and iPad app is in the works too.

The PC client offers Folder Sync, where one folder can be filled with files ready to be duplicated in the cloud, then seeded across other devices too. This automatic syncing is also featured inside the Android app, and can be selected for pictures taken using your phone.

Videos uploaded to the cloud can be streamed to your TV or phone, including HD, 2D and 3D content, and all files are converted on-the-fly to match your device.

LG Cloud has a beta tag at the moment, and will be launching in other countries soon. You can sign-up for your 5GB at lgecloud.com now.