LG launches VX7000 Camera Phone

The VX7000 is a standard flipphone design, measuring 93.7 x 48.0 x 24.9 mm and weighing in at 110 grams. As is typical of modern flipphones it has a color internal 76 x 220 pixel TFT display capable of displaying 11 lines of text as well as an external caller ID display. The external display is, unusually, also a color display, measuring 96 x 96 pixels and using STN technology instead. The included battery is a beefy 1,100 mAh Lithium Ion, while the radio is dual-mode CDMA supporting 1.9 GHz PCS and 800 MHz CDMA.

The camera’s main feature, of course, is its camera. The camera is a 0.3 megapixel VGA camera with the lens mounted in a small rotating drum, a design used by a few previous phones and handhelds. It has four detail levels as well as a digital zoom function, and the usual effects such as night mode, white balance, and color adjustment. It is also capable of taking short video clips for video messaging.

On the messaging front, the VX7000 supports SMS, EMS, and MMS. Other features include polyphonic ringtones, voice-dialing, and the usual assortment of PIM applications including a voice memo program. The address book can hold up to 500 entries with picture ID, and the phone is also E911 location capable.

The LG VX7000 camera phone is available now through Verizon Wireless in the United States. It costs $179.99 USD after rebate with a two-year service agreement.

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