LG’s Lifeband Touch fitness tracking wristband leaked

LG G2 Phone top back camera

Recently, a leak provided some details about LG’s wearable technology plans, indicating the company had both a smartwatch, and a wrist-worn fitness tracker in the works. At the time, the devices were referred to as the G Arch and the G Health respectively. A new leak has shed some more light on LG’s fitness wristband, this time calling it the LG Lifeband Touch.

The source of the leak is the @evleaks Twitter account, and along with the possible name, there’s also a picture of the Lifeband. It’s an interesting design, as instead of completely wrapping round the wrist, the Lifeband has a break in it. The band will obviously be pliable enough to be slipped on to your wrist using this gap, which may end up snapping together using a magnet.

LG Lifeband TouchWe can assume the top houses a small screen, but what about that glowing green ring? Seeing as these devices rarely switch on or off, it could be a touch panel used to alter the onscreen mode. While the color may end up being a simple design element, it could also be something more functional. Since there’s a chance the Lifeband will connect permanently to a smartphone, it could be used for notification alerts.

According to Pocket-Lint.com, notifications will be part of the Lifeband’s feature list, along with all the usual fitness and movement tracking sensors, and even compatibility with the exercise apps installed on LG’s smart TVs. The site also speculates that the screen section will be removed to provide access to a charging connector.

As we’re days away from the start of CES 2014, the timing and clarity of the leaked picture does suggest the Lifeband Touch will be one of LG’s new products on display at the show, but there’s also a chance it may wait until MWC at the end of February. We’ll have to wait and see whether it will be accompanied by a smartwatch at either show too.