LG linked to Intel-powered smartphone, could debut at CES

Intel Medfield Reference DesignOver the past month or so, Intel has made its intentions towards the smartphone processor market clear — they want a slice of the pie that ARM currently has almost entirely to themselves.

The formation of a unit dedicated to tackling the mobile sector was the first step, then came details on the Medfield chip and a look at the company’s test device. The Medfield is Intel’s latest, power-efficient system-on-a-chip, expressly designed for use inside smartphones and tablets.

The unbranded device used Android as its operating system, and manufacturers were free to adapt the design for their own use.

A report published in The Korea Times suggests LG may have done exactly that, and could use CES 2012 to showcase its efforts. If so, the Korean manufacturer would become the first in the world to introduce an Intel-powered smartphone.

As CNET points out, this wouldn’t be the first time LG and Intel have collaborated at CES, as an LG phone based on the Moorestown chipset appeared back in 2010.

While the newspaper’s sources seem confident, other LG representatives have said such a launch isn’t likely and instead, suggest LG could promote the “reference design” hardware with financial support from Intel. This has long been a successful strategy for Intel, whose “Intel Inside Program” offsets the cost of advertising provided manufacturers use the Intel logo, and it could work equally as well for mobile as it did for PCs.

We’ve only got a few more days until CES 2012, where perhaps not coincidentally, LG’s press conference at 8am on January 9, immediately precedes Intel’s an hour later.