LG’s holding an event on October 1, and here’s what could be revealed

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Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
LG has started sending out invitations to an event on October 1, which will be held in New York. The company is keeping quiet about what it will reveal on the day, just like it always does, but the invitation itself suggests the day will have a movie theme, given the clapper board and film reel background.

Just because LG’s keeping the details to itself, doesn’t mean we haven’t already been given a few clues as to what we’ll see on the day. We’re expecting two major smartphones from the company in the near future, if the current wave of rumors pan out.

The first is the device known as the V10, a big-screen companion to the G4 flagship Android phone, that will apparently have a 5.7-inch display, and some kind of second screen — perhaps to compete with Samsung’s Edge screen technology — along the top. It sounds intriguing, and a little bit strange, therefore we’re looking forward to seeing if this turns out to be real.

The V10 isn’t the only LG produced smartphone on the horizon. Rumors have been gathering for months about a new Nexus phone made by the company. Potentially a sequel to the very popular Nexus 5, the 2015 version may see the Nexus brand return to its roots — boasting a strong specification, a low price, and the very latest build of Android.

You can read all the rumors and news about the 2015 Nexus 5 from LG here, along with rumors about a Huawei-made device, plus everything we’ve heard about the V10 LG phone can be found here. Previously, a launch date of October 10 had been attached to the V10, which would fit well with an October 1 announcement.  There’s also the chance the event may be used to reveal new smartwatches.

We’ll bring you all the news from LG’s October 1 event on the day.

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