Not satisfied by 5.5-inches? LG’s got a 6-inch QHD smartphone screen in development

LG G3 Screen Base Macro

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LG Display is working on a 6-inch smartphone screen which boasts the same Quad HD, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution seen on the exciting LG G3 device, launched earlier this week. The G3’s panel measures 5.5-inches, and is the first of its type seen on a phone produced by a mainstream manufacturer.

The news of a 6-inch version of the display broke through an interview with the team responsible for the breakthrough tech, published on LG’s official Korean website. An image accompanying the article showed a 6-inch Quad HD panel mounted on a display, alongside a 14-inch version. The slight increase in size drops the pixel density down to 491ppi, which is less than the G3’s impressive 534ppi, but still more than even the best 1080p screens currently available. 

LG Quad HD 6 Inch ScreenLG will be taking the 6-inch Quad HD screen along to this year’s Society for Information Display (SID) show to be held in San Diego from June 1. Last year, LG Display debuted its 5-inch flexible screen at the show, which would eventually become the 6-inch panel on the G Flex smartphone. It wasn’t until August that the company revealed the Quad HD screen destined to be the G3’s party piece. 

Where will the 6-inch Quad HD screen find a home? LG chose a 5.9-inch display for the G Pro 2, so pushing it up to 6-inches and gaining more resolution wouldn’t be out of the question for the inevitable G Pro 3. This week, the company confirmed the G Flex 2 and the Vu 4 are already in development, but unless it’s planning a significant overhaul of the Vu range, it’s unlikely either of these two are potential candidates. Particularly as the screen doesn’t appear to be flexible.

If you can’t wait for a 1440p smartphone, then the LG G3 is out soon. You can read our initial hands-on impressions here.