LG’s new QuickCircle case gives you a window into the G3’s soul

LG QuickCircle Case Mint Top Macro

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The LG G3 isn’t going to be made official until May 27, but in the meantime, the company has revealed a case for the phone, and just so there’s no confusion, the press release confirms the actual phone will be revealed next week. The case is called the QuickCircle, and it offers a look into the soul of the new device.

A circular window on the front of the folder-like design , popular not just with LG, but with Samsung and HTC too, lets the phone keep you informed without having to mess around open up the cover. At the moment, we know it’ll display the basics, such as the date and time, plus it’ll be possible to manage your music, make calls, or send text messages. There’s no need to flip the cover to take a picture either.

LG QuickCase Colors

Interestingly, LG says we’ll be able to get an update on our health through the QuickCircle’s window, indicating we can expect the G3 to focus on health and fitness in a similar way to the Galaxy S5. This could fit in with a full launch of LG’s Heart Rate Earphones and Lifeband Touch wristband, which debuted during CES in January, but haven’t had much press since. The launch of the G3 seems like an ideal time to push them a little harder.

The QuickCircle case is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, and LG will also produce a software development kit, so developers can integrate the case’s functionality into their apps. Check out the video showing the QuickCircle case in action, and the G3 too, below, where you can also see the case’s Smart Lighting feature. This is a flashy take on the notification light, and will glow when you get a call or an SMS. 

There’s no price for the QuickCircle case yet, but we should find out more on May 27, when this year’s most leaked phone will finally be shown off to the world.

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