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Now that’s just showing off — LG creates a nearly bezel-free screen

lg shows off nearly bezel free screen
Bezels (edges around the screen) certainly aren’t the most attractive part of a smartphone and many manufacturers are working hard to cut them down to teeny tiny sizes. The Sharp Aquos Crystal, which is one of the most bizarrely beautiful and impressive phones for 2014, has no bezels at all around the majority of the phone. LG’s G3 comes close to achieving this effect with very small bezels all around. Now it seems that LG has found away to slim the bezel even more.

LG showed off its new 5.3-inch Full HD LCD screen that it intends to put on smartphones in the near future. LG claims that the screen has the “world’s smallest bezel” at just 0.7-millimeters. Indeed, some of the photos show a phone that has almost no bezels at all on all four sides of the device, while others show a slightly wider bezel at the top and bottom. The screens look incredible and oddly futuristic.

LG explained that it used a new “Neo Edge” process and “Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)” technology to make the screen nearly bezel-free. The Neo Edge process involves sealing the circuit board, backlight, and touch panel all into one seamless unit. LG used an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to fuse all the components together and says that because it didn’t use a plastic guide to attach the backlight and touch panel, it could avoid the bezel. Additionally, the new screen-making process helps block light leakage and makes the screen safe from water and dust.

LG will manufacture smartphones with the special screens this November and plans to sell those devices in China first. It’s unclear whether LG will market smartphones with incredibly small and nearly invisible bezels in the U.S. in the near future.

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