Leaked Uni8 smartphone hints at a return to Windows Phone for LG (Updated)

LG G Pro 2 rear speaker macro 2

An image supposedly showing a future LG smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system has been leaked. If it’s genuine, then the device will be LG’s first phone to run Windows Phone 8, and its first to be released with any version of the OS onboard since the original run of hardware in 2010.

Updated on 05-14-2014 by Andy: A further tweet from @evleaks states the Uni8 image features a standard Windows Phone screenshot, which may be evidence this is a fake. So don’t let your hopes get too high for the Uni8 to launch anytime soon.

We don’t have very much to go on at the moment though. The picture was leaked via the @evleaks Twitter account, and is a slightly blurry, press-style shot of the device. It’s referred to as the LG Uni8, which if it’s the final name, would mean LG’s introducing a new brand for Windows Phone. Previously, it used the Optimus name, but has since relegated this to mid and low-end Android smartphones.

LG Uni8 Windows Phone LeakThe phone is shown running the latest version of the OS, Windows Phone 8.1, complete with a cleverly positioned wallpaper to show off the new transparent Live Tiles. The hardware isn’t all that inspirational, although we’re happy to put this down to the poor quality image, and also doesn’t follow the style of LG’s G2 or G2 Pro Android phones. Instead, visually it has more in common with the original Optimus G and mid-range phones such as the Optimus L9.

When Microsoft revealed Windows Phone 8.1 at the start of April, it also reconfirmed the names of its hardware partners, including LG. Since Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices division, there has been concern other manufacturers would pay even less attention to Windows Phone. This leaked picture certainly suggests LG is experimenting with Windows Phone 8.1, but there’s no guarantee the Uni8 will ever go on sale.

While LG’s possible re-entry into the world of Windows Phone is interesting, all attention is on May 27 at the moment, when the company will almost certainly reveal the Android-powered G3 at an event in London.