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LG thinks Europeans don't want big phones, so won't sell the V20 there

LG V20 Hands On
Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital Trends
LG has made the decision not to sell the new V20 smartphone in Europe, according to a representative for the company speaking to the Korea Herald, but noncommittally added that it may alter the plan in the future. The reason for this? Apparently Europeans aren’t that interested in buying big-screen phones, and demand is greater in North America and Korea.

While unfortunate for Europeans who actually do want to buy the V20, it’s not the first time this has happened. Previously, LG rival Samsung shunned Europe with the Galaxy Note 5. Interestingly, the reasoning was slightly different. Samsung claimed Europeans were more interested in flashy design than productivity-orientated devices, so only launched the 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 Edge Plus there instead.

The LG V20 is closer to the Galaxy S6 Edge than the Galaxy Note series in design and functionality. It doesn’t have a stylus for example, and packs some excellent audio and camera tech into a sleek, cool metal body.

There’s another reason the V20 should be on sale everywhere right now, and that’s the Galaxy Note 7’s well-publicized problems and subsequent product recall. The V20 is a close competitor, and anyone taking a refund from Samsung may be looking for a big-screen Android alternative. LG’s phone has the added selling point of being the first with Android Nougat, the latest version of Google’s OS, already installed. It really should be on shelves everywhere at the moment.

LG’s clarification that it may change its mind in the future has given the company the opportunity to flip-flop on the V20’s European no-show. It’s a good thing, as LG didn’t strike gold with the G5 this year either, and could do with a mobile hit. Limiting the V20’s audience at this point, especially if assumptions about the buying public are the only reason, seems short-sighted.

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