Data reveals LG’s experimenting with Windows Phone again

LG 22CV241 Chromebase review macro angle

LG may be in the process of building a new smartphone running Windows Phone. The news comes from AdDuplex’s latest market research, where an LG phone popped up in its breakdown of which devices are being used to view adverts. The device wears the model number LGVW820, which interestingly links it to another LG phone, the D820, better known as the Nexus 5.

Sadly, if AdDuplex’s data is correct, the Windows Phone device isn’t a reworking of the excellent Android phone. The only specs available are related to the screen, which apparently measures 4.7-inches and has a 480 x 854 pixel resolution. That puts the VW820 firmly in the mid-range, and up against the Lumia 535.

What’s more, the data shows LG’s phone has only been tested in Korea so far, which does make sense given it’s LG’s home base, but may indicate any international launch of the phone is a long time away. Even the phone’s existence isn’t absolute proof the phone will ever be announced.

In 2011, LG called the public’s reception to Windows Phone “disappointing,” but despite this, talk of its return to Windows Phone – it hasn’t made much of an effort since the Windows Phone 7 days – has surfaced several times. Back in May, a press render of an LG Windows Phone was leaked, without any specs, although its authenticity was called into question.

AdDuplex’s data shows why few manufacturers are bothering. Nokia phones are used by just over 95 percent of Windows Phone users, leaving a very small piece of an already small pie for everyone else. If LG’s VW820 is set to be announced, there is ample opportunity for it to be shown at either CES or MWC in early 2015.