In response to Donald Trump’s abuse of his phone number, Lindsey Graham destroys phone

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to make any friends, but he certainly knows how to (inadvertently) create great comedy, most often at his own expense. After the world’s most politically incorrect combover decided to unceremoniously give out Lindsey Graham’s phone number, the South Carolina senator decided to destroy his phone and show the world how to do it. It’s a perfect response, really — not only does it make light of Trump’s insults (which include calling Graham a “stiff,” a “lightweight” and an “idiot”), it also highlights Graham’s own sense of humor, which will probably help him rise in the polls against Trump. Both are bidding for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race.

Trump decided to read out Graham’s bona fide cellphone number after the senator jumped to former presidential candidate John McCain’s defense in response to a recent Trump insult. The real estate mogul claimed that McCain (along with other servicemen) could not be classified as heroes simply because they’d served time in enemy prisons — which is apparently less impressive than starring in a reality show and ruining the skylines of several otherwise lovely cities, as Trump has done. But whereas Trump’s response was petty and decidedly juvenile, Graham took a much more nuanced and strategic approach in the battle of the wits (or lack thereof).

In the undeniably entertaining minute-long video, Graham decides to attempt a number of over-the-top methods in efforts to destroy the phone that has now been compromised by Trump’s decidedly loud mouth. The footage is certainly a montage of creative ways to get rid of your pesky mobile device, should the need ever arise, whether because of an unsavory ex-lover, a surprise move, or in this case, a low-blow from a political opponent.

Graham, who has famously claimed to have never sent an email and still employs a Samsung flip phone, has finally been forced to make the decision between an iPhone and an Android, all while trying to eradicate his current device by way of a meat cleaver, blender, toaster oven, golf club, and other dramatic methods. As of press time, the video had already garnered nearly 20,000 views, which is pretty impressive considering Graham’s otherwise avid avoidance of modern technology.

So insult away, Donald Trump. Ultimately, it’s your opponents who manage to secure the last laugh.

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