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This universal connector for iPhones and Androids is all your prayers answered

Although the video for LMCable makes it seem like more of a hassle in life than it really is, it is a pain in the neck that Apple and Android devices have different charge cables. So it’s a good thing that someone has finally come along to fix that: LMCable lets you charge both types of devices with a single cable.

It’s all about the unique connector design, which has two-in-one functionality. Charging a device with a Micro USB connector means turning the cable header one way and a device with a Lightning connector, the other. That’s as simple and as complicated as it gets.

At the other end is just a standard USB Type-A connector too, so it will work with just about every USB charger ever built.


This is a crowd funded project, so this would normally be the point in the article where we tell you that as cool as it is, you’ll need to wait a few months to get hold of it. But that’s not the case with LMCable, as it’s so far into development, the Kickstarter campaign page is more of an ordering system than anything else.

All of the early-bird March orders have gone, but you can order a number of cables for a few dollars and they will arrive as soon as April.

Cables are still available in a variety of colors: Sunlight White, Vintage Brown, Moonlight Black, and Cowboy Blue, each coming with a premium coating such as leather or fabric, helping separate the LMCable from your average charge cable.

Each one costs $15, but you can buy multiples at once for respectable discounts if you wish — as many as 100 for just under $1,000 if you fancy setting yourself up as a distributor.

Don’t worry about the campaign not completing though. The developers were only after $5,000 Australian ($3,700 in the U.S.) and they’ve garnered over $135,000 in just the last few days. They’re going to be fine.

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