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Logitech Debuts Headphones for iPod Users

Logitech Debuts Headphones for iPod Users

Apple iPod users can now ditch the cables thank to the wireless technology in the new Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod (creative name eh?). Using a wireless transmitter these new headphones have a range of up to 30 feet away from the Apple iPod thanks to Bluetooth technology. On the side of the headphones are controls to let you change the song order, adjust volume settings and power off the headphones.

“Wireless headphones unleash people from their music player and remove the nuisance of cords,” said Ray Weikel, director of product marketing for Logitech’s Audio Business Unit. “No more untangling those earbuds when you pull your iPod out of the bag, or managing the cords while trying to enjoy your music. We believe our wireless headphones will truly be liberating for iPod owners.”

The Logitech Wireless Headphones feature large 40 mm full-range neodymium drivers and thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology, you do not have to worry about interference from outside sources. These headphones weigh just 3.2 ounces and wrap around the back of your head for a snug fit.

As long as your Apple iPod has a dock connector on its base, and they all should, than these headphones will work with it. The internal batteries on the Logitech Wireless Headphones are supposed to lat around 8 hours, and can be fully recharged in only 2.5 hours – not bad if you ask us.

You can expect to pay around $150 dollars US for the Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod.

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