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Logitech is prepping a third-party keyboard solution for the iPad Pro

logitech is prepping a third party keyboard solution for the ipad pro photo create postcard
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Despite being revealed just a few hours ago, the iPad Pro has already garnered its fair share of proponents and adversaries. It’s clear that Logitech has embraced the former category by swiftly announcing a third-party keyboard for the jumbo tablet. CREATE, as Logitech calls it, was developed with some input from Apple itself in order to make use of the new Smart Connector.

Like Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, CREATE’s Smart Connector utilization means there won’t be any need for charging or even Bluetooth pairing. Also similar is the full-size keys and layout, making for typing efficiency comparable to that of a desktop computer. And, as if it couldn’t be any more similar to Apple’s first-party offering, the included case will probably make for a decent safeguard for the $800+ power tablet.

“Logitech is the world leader in iPad keyboards, and we’re introducing the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case – developed together with Apple – to enhance and perfectly complement the iPad Pro,” boasts Logitech mobility VP Michele Hermann. “With a full-size keyboard designed to work with iOS 9, the Logitech CREATE will help make the iPad Pro a creativity and productivity powerhouse. Even the color and finish of the keyboard are meticulously crafted to feel and look like the other half of your iPad Pro.”

Conveniently, Logitech plans on launching CREATE alongside the iPad Pro, at some unbeknownst date in November. With the Apple Smart Keyboard being accompanied by a hefty $170 price tag, Logitech is going to have to aim lower in order to achieve widespread commercial success. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much to distinguish Logitech’s offering. That is, aside from it being unclear as to whether or not it features fabric covered keys.

In its press release, Logitech suggests more specific details regarding pricing and product info will arrive in the coming weeks.

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