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Logitech releases Keyboard Case for iPad 2 with Zagg

For some, the biggest fault of the iPad is its sometimes tricky virtual keyboard. While many may not find the keyboard offensive or difficult to use, there is a fairly decent number of people that just prefer to press real buttons when they type, and we can’t blame them. Logitech has come up with a new case for the iPad 2 that solves that problem by incorporating a Bluetooth keyboard into the case itself. Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad have been around for a while now, but lugging one around in addition to your iPad and iPad case seems like a bit of a hassle. For those who prefer to type on real, three dimensional buttons, the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 ($100) combines the keyboard and case into one sleek aluminum attachment. The case won’t do much to protect the back of your iPad, but the soft padding inside will keep your screen protected and scratch-free. A folding hinge supports viewing in both portrait and landscape mode, and the embedded Bluetooth keyboard recharges via USB. We’re not sure about the protective qualities of this slim ‘case,’ but having the keyboard fully integrated makes typing lengthy emails or documents that much easier. The Keyboard Case for iPad 2 will be available sometime in April.

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