Logitech showcases line of mobile headsets

All of these products are available for distribution through Brightpoint by calling 800-952-2355 or by calling Logitech at 800-231-7717.  The MSRP for these products range from $14.95 to $39.95,and are currently available to consumers online at http://www.logitech.com/ and in major retail outlets.

Through months of customer research, Logitech developed a variety of products that maximize the comfort, fit and usability of hands-free mobile phone devices.  This research identified three main mobile phone headset user profiles — teenagers, family connectors and road warriors.  Each profile uses mobile phones differently, and in turn has unique needs when it comes to mobile phone headsets.   

Most teenagers use mobile phones to stay in constant contact with friends, and keep family up-to-date on their ever-changing schedule. They want headsets that are not only comfortable, but make a style statement.  Popular choices among this group are the Logitech Over-Ear Blue and Over-Ear Red mobile phone headsets, with their cool colors and soft gel touch.  The call answer button makes it a snap to quickly answer incoming phone calls, and at a MSRP of only $24.95 — it is definitely within their budget. 
Family Connectors use their mobile phone as a multi-tasking tool.  This group might use the phone while commuting to and from work in order to follow-up on voicemails, schedule doctor’s appointments for the kids, or catch up with friends. They need headsets that are easy to deploy and sound great while driving.  A popular choice for this group is Logitech’s Mobile Earbud Premium or the Mobile Earbud Retractable headset — both offer cable management, so cords won’t become tangled, and a patented FlexLoop