Losers unite! This BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is running Windows Phone 7

BlackBerry PlayBook running Windows Phone 7We like Windows Phone 7 and the BlackBerry PlayBook, but it’s hard to argue that both products just haven’t caught on. Before Microsoft announced its decision to crunch the PC version of Windows down onto tablets, dreamers hoped for a version of Windows Phone that ran on tablets. This video, while rough, shows a glimpse into what could have been. Sort of.

The video comes via N4BB, a BlackBerry enthusiast site, and we don’t know whether this is legitimate or fake, but either way, it shows what Windows Phone looks like on a larger scale. Imagine how nice this OS could have been if it were actually tweaked to properly run on a tablet. Windows 8 looks interesting, but it still might be a bit too complex for its own good (we’ll find out in November). 

But, you know, Microsoft must be doing something right, as Apple CEO Tim Cook recently criticized Windows 8, comparing it to merging a toaster and a refrigerator.