Lost keys have met their match with the Tile Bluetooth tracker

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that works with an app on your smartphone to help find your easy-to-lose items such as your car keys. Just attached Tile to anything you need.

Setup and use are dead simple: Just pair Tile with your smartphone via Bluetooth, download and launch the app, then you’ll be able to find your Tile whenever you need by pressing ‘find’ on your smartphone. The second-generation Tile improves upon the first with a much louder alert that chimes three times louder. The Tile can also help you find your smartphone when you tap the letter ‘E’ twice on the device.

Surprisingly, the Tile is a disposable device. With a battery life of roughly one year and no ability to replace it, you’ll be trashing the Tile and buying a new one on an annual basis. Is that worth the $25 price tag? For those who misplace stuff frequently, that might just be worth it.

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