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Kim Kardashian has designed two LuMee iPhone cases

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Looking to take your selfies to the next level? Well, who better to show you how than Kim Kardashian herself? Kim K recently expanded her resume — it will now read fashionista, app creator, and iPhone case designer. That’s right, Kim K has partnered up with LuMee to design her own iPhone cases.

There are two cases on offer — a black marble one and a white marble one. No, these cases are not made from real marble, they simply have a (somewhat tacky) marble design. The black marble case is available now for $55, and the white marble case is up for pre-order. It will ship starting on August 17.

Of course, the design isn’t the only interesting thing about the cases. In case you don’t avidly follow Keeping Up With The Kardashians, LuMee cases are basically lined with LED lights designed to light up your face when a small button on the bottom of the case is pushed. In fact, the cases even go as far as to offer a dimmer switch so you can control exactly how bright the lights are.


The look of the cases certainly is interesting, though the black button on the bottom of the case, which turns on the LED lights, doesn’t really suit the rest of the design.

LuMee is announcing a few other cases, too, including an American Flag case and a White Gloss case. The American Flag case is available now, and the White Gloss case will launch later this month.

The new cases are available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, however LuMee says that more sizes will be available soon, so if you’re an iPhone 6S Plus owner, hold tight, you should be able to take selfies like Kim K soon.

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