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Rumor: Nokia’s Catwalk may become the Lumia 925, ready for announcement on May 14

Nokia-lumia-920-review-flCheck out our review of Nokia Lumia 925 smart phone.

On May 14, Nokia is going to show off a new Lumia phone, and according to a Chinese Windows Phone blog, one of the devices will be the Lumia 925. We’re already familiar with the Lumia 920 – announced late last year – and are eagerly awaiting news of the Verizon-bound Lumia 928, but this is the first mention of the Lumia 925. It’s said to be better known by its Catwalk codename, and is likely to be the international GSM version of the Lumia 928.

If everything plays out as we expect, the Lumia 925 will be an updated version of the Lumia 920, with a slimmer, lighter aluminum body and a xenon flash replacing the dual-LED flash. If so, it’ll be announced really quite early – six months or so – into the 920’s life, a bold move considering the Lumia 920’s status and high price tag.

The launch of the Lumia 925 at the event could make sense, as although we’ve heard about the Lumia 928 for sometime, it’s only relevant to a certain section of the U.S. market, so for it to make its debut at an event in London is highly unlikely. Nokia already has several exclusive versions of its international hardware on sale with U.S. networks, and if the 928 is Verizon’s Catwalk, then it could play out as with phones like the Lumia 820, with its GSM counterpart coming first. Don’t worry too much if this does happen though, as Verizon will hold its own event just a few days later on May 22, during the far more America-centric CTIA show, where we’ll probably get to meet the Lumia 928.

The Lumia 925 is only one of the possible phones Nokia will reveal next week, as we’re still waiting for news on the rumored Nokia EOS, which could bring the full PureView camera experience to Windows Phone, and other (less likely) products such as a Nokia Windows 8 tablet. We’ll bring you all the news on May 14.

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