Rumor: Lumia 929 set to replace Lumia 928 at Verizon soon

Leaked Lumia 929

The Verizon exclusive Nokia Lumia 928 isn’t what you’d call an old phone. It was only introduced in May this year, but new rumors are suggesting it’s about to be superseded on the network by a device known as the Lumia 929. So why replace it so soon? Verizon’s Lumia 928 is a variation on the GSM Lumia 920, just with a xenon flash and an improved PureMotionHD+ touchscreen, making the rest of the phone just over a year old.

First leaked at the beginning of October, the Lumia 929 could be a substantial upgrade over the Lumia 928, and may make use of the Windows Phone GDR3 update. This could mean the phone will get a 1080p screen, believed to measure 5 inches according to some reports, and perhaps a quad-core processor too.

The phone has been the subject of a further leak through the @evleaks Twitter account, the first of which showed the phone with a black color scheme, while the second showed it in white. The pictures confirm the Lumia 929 will have a 20-megapixel Carl Zeiss PureView camera onboard, plus like the Lumia 928, it’ll connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Sadly, the flash looks to be a dual-LED unit, rather than the more desirable xenon flash fitted to the 928.

Nokia may choose to announce the Lumia 929 at its forthcoming October gathering, where it’s expected that six new devices will make their debut. However, we wonder if the Lumia 929 is another spin-off, and Nokia has a GSM version ready to launch under a different name at the same time. We’re already expecting the Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 2520, but haven’t heard anything about a 5-inch phone to accompany these big-screen monsters. The original WPCentral report mentions an early November announcement.

Nokia’s event is set to take place in Abu Dhabi on October 22, so we’ll find out more then.