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Your makeup store just went high-tech: Lush debuts its new app for iOS and Android

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Your makeup is about to go high-tech. Or at least, your makeup store is. Lush, the company known for its DIY approach to bath and beauty products, is now taking its innovative practices to the next level, introducing its first app for iOS and Android.

By enabling consumers to browse, explore, and purchase fresh Lush products on the go, the company is looking to bridge the gap between the retail and digital experience for its beauty customers. Rather than competing against the digital revolution, traditional brick-and-mortar businesses like Lush are instead looking to work in tandem with software, aiding the buyer’s experience by way of tech, including mobile apps.

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Promising a “fresh, fun, and interactive experience” for Lush fans everywhere, the app allows users to search for products based on scents (do you want something with citrus or lavender notes?) or their mood (are you relaxed or inspired today?). And keeping true to Lush’s ethos, consumers are kept in the know about a product’s ingredients — how they’re meant to be used, and their effects on the skin, hair, or body. Prospective buyers can also shop by category, looking into best-sellers in the bath, hair, face, makeup, or perfume verticals, and much more. And if you check out the Lush app’s spa category, you’ll be able to see the types of treatments offered in its New York City and Philadelphia locations, and even book an appointment through the app.

“So much of the Lush shopping experience is about touching, feeling, and smelling the products, we really see our new app as a way to bridge that gap between retail and digital for our customers.” said Brandi Halls, Lush’s director of brand communications, in a statement. “Giving our fans the option to shop by feeling really does emulate the sense of being in-store. We are excited that our customers will now have the true Lush experience at their fingertips so they can engage with the brand when and where they want.”

But there’s much more to the Lush app than just shopping. There’s also a Stories tab that serves as a compilation of both beauty editorials and more involved pieces regarding Lush’s ethics. Everything from the company’s charitable giving practices to sustainability initiatives to ethical campaigns are highlighted in this section, turning eager consumers into informed consumers too. And of course, like any mobile app, there’s a social media component to the app as well, allowing customers to interact with other Lush fanatics and see what products are trending across Instagram and Facebook.

While the app is still in its nascent stages, the company promises to continue making adjustments and improvements to the user experience. So if you thought you had a makeup addiction before, be warned: This may be a dangerous app to download.

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