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Learn to love your car in a big city again with Luxe, the valet app

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Having a car in a big city can be something of a headache, but there’s one company that’s hoping to change this conception. Luxe is an on-demand valet and car services app that aims to alleviate the strain on both drivers and cities. Launched in the congested streets of New York in 2015, Luxe provides valets that meet drivers at their desired destinations, find safe parking for cars in a garage located in accessible parts of the city, and return the cars whenever and wherever you need it (provided, of course, that it’s still in the city). You even have the option to have your car fueled, washed, and serviced with an oil change while you’re out running errands.

And of course, if by the end of your busy day, you need a ride home instead of your ride, you can grab that too with Luxe’s Drive Home service.

Currently available in six cities across the U.S., Luxe lets you take advantage of the benefits of having a car in a busy metropolitan area, without having the deal with the hassle. Rather than wasting your time circling a block looking for parking, or wasting money on expensive lots and meters, let Luxe take care of the logistics on your behalf.

Simply request a valet where you’d like to drop off your car, tell them if you need it washed, refueled, or anything else, and once you’re ready to leave, let Luxe know where you want your car returned, and it’ll be promptly delivered. The app does recommend that you request 15 minutes ahead of your desired departure time.

Luxe charges an average hourly rate of $5, though prices may vary across different cities “to ensure you get valet parking service at street parking prices.”

So city dwellers, don’t resent your car. Take advantage of all it has to offer, and let someone else deal with the rest.

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