Mamma Mia! Samsung Lucido Offers Ultra-Slim Metal Body, OLED Display

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Those who fondly remember Samsung’s older ultra-slim candybars like the U100 and X820 will be happy to know that the company hasn’t abandoned that design ethic completely in favor of beefier iPhone lookalikes. On Friday, the company’s U.K. arm showed off its new Lucido, another thin candybar that dons aluminum accents and an OLED display.

The name translates to “sleek” in Italian, which is appropriate given its 11.8mm-thick profile and dark, brushed-metal accents on the face. Unlike previous models like the U800, the apparent predecessor to the Lucido, it will adopt OLED technology for its 2.2-inch display, which typically delivers superior brightness and contrast.

Other specs on the pocketable slimline phone include a 5-megapixel camera on the back (also trimmed by metal), 7.2Mbps HSDPA Internet, and GPS with Google maps integration.

At the moment, the Lucido is slated for an April release, but only on U.K. carriers, and a price has not yet been announced.