Here’s a low-tech way to stop your high-tech gadgets being stolen this summer

You’re at the beach, but can’t work up the courage to take a cooling dip in the inviting sea. Not because you’re still traumatized about Jaws, but because you don’t want someone stealing your phone, keys, wallet, or Kindle. Outside of having a designated gadget-watcher who must stay behind and miss out on all the fun, what else can be done? Step forward Master Lock, which has come up with an ingeniously low-tech solution to this modern day problem.

It’s called the 5900D Series Safe, and while the name suggests a massive metal box that you’ll need a trailer to carry around; it’s actually a compact, portable, and surprisingly stylish personal safe. The idea is simple. Made from ABS plastic, the body is tough enough to withstand damage, and is secured by a 4-digit combination lock, keeping everything inside away from thieving fingers.

The clever part is the integrated cable, which is wrapped around something that can’t be quickly or discretely removed. A parasol stand at the beach, the leg of a desk in a shared office space, or just about anything else that would be difficult or impossible for a thief to take with them.

It’s lightweight at 73 grams without anything inside, so you won’t tire of carrying it around, and there’s enough room inside for the usual valuables we carry around on vacation or a day trip. The dimensions show it’ll take a regular Kindle without a problem, but it isn’t wide enough to swallow an iPad Mini-sized tablet. There’s an opening to feed through a charging or headphone cable as well, so there’s no need to keep opening the safe.

Provided you can find somewhere to secure Master Lock’s safe, it should do a great job of alleviating that anxiety about leaving valuable items out of sight at the beach, festivals, camping trips, or anywhere else. It costs £30 in the U.K., or $29 in the U.S., and is available through Master Lock’s website.