Mattel and Google are cooking something up, and we’ll find out what it is on February 13

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Mattel is a toy company. Google is an Internet services and product company. Exactly what happens when the two meets is anyone’s guess, but we’ll get some answers on February 13, since both companies sent press invites to an event, as reported by 9to5Google.

Exactly what the event entails is still a mystery, though the invitation sports the tagline, “View what’s possible.” In addition, the invitation features what could be a reel from an old View-Master, which was a stereoscope back in the mid 1990s that people used to look at photos.

Mattel Google

The obvious guess is an update to the View-Master, which could include features from Cardboard or even Google Glass. Regardless of what it is, the product announcement will continue Google’s focus on kids, as the company recently purchased Launchpad Toys and is in cahoots with Disney for their new animated preschool series, Miles from Tomorrowland.

Something else to keep in mind is the Mattel-Google event is scheduled one day before Toy Fair 2015 starts in New York City, so the two companies’ product will presumably be shown off there. Of course, we’ll make sure to report what they announce.