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Ordering in? MealMe tells you which food delivery service is cheapest

Food delivery isn’t always cheap. Between the food itself, delivery fees, and any extra charges, costs can really add up. Sometimes, you can save a few dollars by going with one food delivery service over another — but comparing them can be a pain.

Thankfully, there’s a new app that can do that work for you. MealMe allows you to compare the prices of services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and more for all your favorite local restaurants, meaning you can always pick the cheapest option.

The app could be particularly helpful over the next few weeks and months. Millions of people are stuck inside due to the coronavirus, with some people self-isolating and others following shelter-in-place orders. More cities are expected to implement these shelter-in-place orders, where citizens are expected to only leave their home for essentials like groceries and medical attention.

MealMe is relatively easy to use too. You’ll start by searching restaurants in your local area. You can filter by price, distance, type of food, and so on. You’ll then be told the cheapest delivery option for that restaurant. Then, simply tap the link and you’ll be taken to that cheapest service, where you can order your food. MealMe has a social component to it too, where you can like and comment on the food from restaurants in your area.

If there’s one thing that is a little frustrating about MealMe, it’s that it kicks you over to your web browser for most restaurant-related activities — including things like browsing menus. It makes sense to have to be moved to a different service to actually order the food, but many tend to make the decision on the restaurant they want to order food from based on the menu, so having to constantly navigate back and forth from the app to the browser can be a pain. That said, if you want to save some cash when you order food, it’s not a huge deal.

You can get MealMe for yourself straight from the App Store; however, it’s unfortunately not available on Android, so if you’re an Android user, you’re out of luck.

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