Meizu has a new phone coming on November 19, may feature built-in vinyl record player

meizu new phone coming november 19 built vinyl record player possible invitation
Meizu, a popular Chinese smartphone brand, will launch a new smartphone on November 19, and has started sending out invitations to an event where the hardware will be revealed. The invites come with a 7-inch vinyl record, sparking speculation the new phone will have a built-in record player. Well, that bit isn’t true (sadly, some may say) but Meizu really has sent a record out with each invitation.

According to a post on its official Facebook page, Meizu says, “If we go to this sort of detail on our invites, just imagine the product we will launch.” OK, Meizu, let’s do that. At the beginning of September, the company announced the MX4, an octa-core Android smartphone with a 5.3-inch full HD screen. A device named the MX4 Pro has since been rumored.

Believed to come with a screen either matching the MX4’s, or increasing the size to 5.5-inches, the resolution may be upped to 2560 x 1536. Inside could be another octa-core chip, but rather than a MediaTek processor, a Samsung-produced Exynos 5430 could be powering the phone, along with a whopping 4GB of RAM. A 20-megapixel rear camera, and a 13-megapixel front camera are also rumored, along with 4G LTE, and up to 64GB of internal memory.

How does the MX4 Pro fit in with the vinyl record? It’s not clear yet, but Meizu has been using images of a disc to tease us about the launch event for a few days, with phrases like “The beat goes on,” appearing on its official Twitter page. This does suggest the new phone will have enhanced audio features.

While the MX4 Pro seems the most likely candidate for the day, we’ll also be on the lookout for more news on Meizu’s long awaited smartphone running the Ubuntu Mobile operating system. The partnership was announced back in February, but a phone has yet to be revealed.

Meizu’s launch event will take place in Beijing on November 19, and we’ll keep you updated on the day.

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