Memoto lifelogging camera breaks funding goal, but it’s back for more

memoto lifeblogging camera exceeds funding goal lifelogging

After securing $500,000 through two phases of Kickstarter funding (reaching its initial $50,000 goal in just five hours), Swedish startup Memoto is now shooting for $700,000 to bring its Memoto lifelogging camera into fruition. The company has a mere three days until its November 30 deadline, but it may just succeed, because it seems people in the Kickstarter community are genuinely interested in capturing every moment of their lives. If you thought vacation photos are miserable to sit through, devices like the Memoto may just open a whole new door.

In case you’re unfamiliar, lifelogging is the concept of wearing instruments, such as a computer and a camera, to record everything that happens. The photos or videos serve as a way to remember or relive the past. The idea isn’t new, but technology has allowed the condensing of cumbersome equipment into a small, wearable device, making it less geek niche and more mainstream.

The Memoto is one example: A clip-on, button-less device that contains a camera which automatically turns on and takes photos every 30 seconds while attached to your garment. It even has built-in GPS to log location. Memoto claims the battery will last two days (it recharges through Micro USB), and the onboard storage can hold up to 4,000 photos. Unlike lifelogging of yore, the Memoto is designed to work without much fuss. It ensures that you capture every “Kodak moment,” as the saying goes, without having to constantly whip out the camera or smart device. To organize and share the photos, Memoto is also building apps for iPhone and Android to work with the camera.

While it has far exceeded its original funding goal, Memoto is hoping to use the additional money raised to help create some accessories to go with the camera, such as a wide-angle lens, waterproof case, and Wi-Fi dock. The product is aiming for availability in early 2013, and the camera will sell for $280. Early backers can get one for $250 via the Kickstarter campaign.

With its miniature size and effortless usability, the Memoto presents an intriguing way in how we view photos. There are many possibilities in how people could put lifelogging cameras to use – both good and bad. So before you think about gifting one of these babies to your older relatives who can appreciate a boost of memory, imagine the consequence. Otherwise, good luck sitting through Uncle Bob’s daily breakfast routine.