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OpenSignal’s Meteor app runs internet speed tests, shows how apps will perform

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OpenSignal, a company that maps wireless coverage and regularly publishes reports about the carriers in the United States, just released an app that will not only run a speed test on your internet connection, but also tell you what it means.

The app, called Meteor, answers basic questions about your internet speed. When you install it, you’ll first need to run a speed test. It then measures ping, as well as upload and download speeds. You can get three grades for each of these categories: Awesome, Very Good, OK, and Poor.

For a lot of people running a speed test doesn’t necessarily help them understand what the connection is good for — and that’s where Meteor wants to distinguish itself from the plethora of speed test apps currently available.

Meteor will list the apps you have installed, and it will tell you whether apps like YouTube and Spotify are good or awesome on the Wi-Fi or carrier network you’re on. Oddly, you can only check your speeds with up to five apps at a time. You can add more, but you’ll have to run the test again.

In the Dashboard and History, you can see your previous tests and where you were. OpenSignal is also using the anonymized signal and speed data it receives from this app for its coverage mapping purposes. You can choose to contribute a low, normal, or high amount.

Meteo’s two differentiators from other related apps are that it’s a nice looking app, and that it tells you what apps work well with your internet connection.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on the Google Play Store for Android devices at the moment. There are plenty of other ways to check your internet speed though, like Netflix’s, and even by simply typing “speed test” into Google.

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