Looking for a basement-cheap plan for your phone? Give MetroPCS’ $30 plan a look

There’s no shame in bargain hunting, especially when it comes to looking for plans for your phone. For that, you’d best be served looking at prepaid carriers, and MetroPCS won’t be changing that status quo with the introduction of its new $30 a month plan.

The promotion offers unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of 4G LTE data, for $30 a month, taxes and fees included. Keep in mind this new plan is only available for MetroPCS smartphones, so you’re out of luck if you wanted to bring your own phone to MetroPCS and take advantage of the plan.

The promotional plan starts today, with no word on if, or when, the $30 plan will expire. MetroPCS’ previous promotion, its $50 plan with unlimited 4G LTE data, is no longer available, however.

MetroPCS also offers $40 and $50 a month plans, which include 2GB and 4GB of 4G LTE data, respectively. The $60 plan, meanwhile, includes truly unlimited 4G LTE data. Keep in mind, however, that your handset must be capable of 4G LTE in order to take advantage of any of these plans. Non-LTE phones have their own specific plans.