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Sprint customer? MetroPCS will halve your bill when you switch

Mike Mozart/Flickr
Sprint recently extended what it calls the ‘Biggest Deal in U.S. Wireless History,’ but MetroPCS isn’t going to sit back and let the fourth place carrier have all of the fun. On January 21, it will start a limited-time promotion with the tongue-in-cheek name, ‘Biggest Offer in Sprint’s History.’

The offer is aimed at Sprint’s Family Pack customers, and offers up to 50 percent off your new service at MetroPCS. The table below should give a good idea on how much you can save, if you’re a Sprint customer.


Customers currently paying for 2GB data plans stand to gain the most when they switch, with 46-percent savings on a single line and 50-percent savings on two lines. All 1GB data plans will be upgraded to 2GB plans, and switchers will see savings of between 33 and 37-percent.

On top of the price cuts, MetroPCS is also offering a free smartphone or $50 value for every line switched. The phones on offer for free include: LG Leon LTE, Kyocera Hydro Wave, Samsung Core Prime, or LG K7. You can also pick up any one of the network’s phones with the $50 rebate, if you’re looking for something fancier.

“For anyone who’s been stuck or is regretting a recent switch to Sprint, this is a lifeline. You can now get a bigger and faster network — based on hundreds of thousands of crowdsourced tests — for up to half the cost. Oh, and we’re throwing in a free, new LTE smartphone on top. What’s not to love?” said Tom Keys, president of MetroPCS.

MetroPCS doesn’t have all of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier features, but Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer, Mobile Hotspot, and North America Unlimited are all available on the prepaid wireless service.

This offer is another major attack from T-Mobile (the owner of MetroPCS) against Sprint, and will be available for a limited time. The leaders of Sprint and T-Mobile have been back and forth on Twitter, but most of T-Mobile’s deals have been primarily focused on AT&T and Verizon customers before now. You can learn more about the offer here.

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