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Ridesharing service helps Marlins fans take each other out to the ballgame

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Carpooling to a sporting event is tantamount to tailgating, and now there’s an Uber-like service aiming specifically to enable sports fans to ride to the game together. Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins have teamed up with ridesharing service Eventride to allow fans to carpool together to games.

After fans log into Eventride with their Facebook account, they can choose to either give a ride, if they have set up a Stripe account, or hail a ride. On the EventRide app, drivers set the price, how many seats available, and which game they are willing to drive to. Once nearby fans agree to the price, it’s all a waiting game until your ride arrives and whisks you off to Marlins Park.

Eventride’s website suggests riders coordinate return trips during the ride to the game. Fans can even share the cost for gas and parking in the app. “EventRide provides Marlins fans an alternate method to get to the ballpark that saves them money, and it also greatly reduces carbon emissions at the same time,” said Claude Delorme, Marlins executive vice president of operations and events, in the press release.

More fans riding together could reduce traffic and carbon emissions. “EventRide will be quantifying the carbon offsets created by fans, and will be able to supply these credits to the community on behalf of the Marlins organization,” EventRide CEO Rod Bruinooge said.

The Marlins are Eventride’s second sports partnership after it teamed up with the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Marlins’ partnership with Eventride launched June 1 and will last the remainder of the season. With the Marlins only 4.5 games behind the division-leading Washington Nationals with more than three months left in the seasons, Marlins fans could be riding together to the playoffs in deep into October.

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