Microsoft Word Flow keyboard takes the cramp out of messaging on larger iPhones

Among the tech giants, Microsoft and Apple have been rivals since their early days, but it’s not uncommon to see the two creating products for each other’s platforms. Microsoft’s latest mobile keyboard, Word Flow, is one example, a Windows Phone/Windows 10 app that’s now available for iOS. Boasting tapping, swiping, and one-handed controls, it looks to mend the pain from stretching fingers across larger phone screens. Will this third-party keyboard be the one to finally catch on?

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In this video Joshua Smith goes hands on with Word Flow to see if it can aid the woes of typing one handed on the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. The app lets you create your own keyboard themes, swipe your own paragraphs, and even keep track of how fast you type. See how Word Flow works, what’s good and bad, and much more in this quick video review.

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