Microsoft adds OneNote to Android Wear, revamps app for iOS 8

Android Wear hands on

Microsoft seems to want OneNote, its note-taking platform, on every operating system. The Washington-based company announced that OneNote is now compatible with Google’s Android Wear and the company is gearing up to release a new version of the app for iOS 8, as well.

To start taking notes with your Android Wear smartwatch, you’ll need to download the latest version of the OneNote app from the Google Play Store and you’ll have the app on your smartwatch, too. Afterwards, say “Okay Google, take a note” to activate the app and dictate your message.

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Although talking to your wrist to take a note might be a bit awkward in execution, OneNote could prove very useful for hands-free note-taking. If you’re driving or your hands are otherwise occupied, you can’t exactly whip out your phone and type up a note in OneNote, but you can dictate one quickly. As with most Android Wear apps, you’ll need Android 4.3 or higher to download OneNote.


Microsoft will also update its iOS OneNote app for iPhone and iPad, as soon as iOS 8 becomes available. The update adds a OneNote extension that lets you collect clippings from websites, save pictures, and send attachments directly to OneNote without ever having to leave the app from which you are saving the content. The extension is visible in the Share menu of Safari under the “More” section, which features a toggle so you can activate OneNote sharing on your iOS device.

As with anything you save on OneNote, all of your clippings, pictures, and files will be available on all devices you’ve downloaded the service onto.