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Microsoft pushes Windows Phone 7 update to Samsung phones

Samsung Focus

Maybe the second time will be a charm: Microsoft has resumed distributing its updated to its Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. Microsoft originally launched the update on February 21, but pulled it from distribution after reports that the new software was rendering some Samsung Windows Phone devices inoperable. The company tried to put a brave face on the problem, saying that the update worked fine for nine out of ten users, and that half the people who did have a problem simply ran out of disk space or had bad Internet connections. The update snafu came at a particularly awkward time for the software giant, which was business trying to line up momentum behind its new Windows Phone partnership with Nokia.

Now, Microsoft says it has corrected the problems that were preventing a “small percentage” of Windows Phone devices from updating. As with the first update, Microsoft is distributing the update on a rolling schedule: some users may see the update right away, while others may have to wait a while for it to become available for their device.

Microsoft has not identified the issues that caused problems with the initial update.

Microsoft’s next major update for Windows Phone 7 is expected this month, improving performance and adding much-desired functionality like copy-and-paste.

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