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Microsoft’s new app Tossup turns making plans into a fun activity

Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate meet ups with a large group of friends — even with group messaging. Microsoft’s trying to solve the problem in a new way with an app for iOS and Android called Tossup. The app also has a fun polling system and built-in Yelp integration to make it easier to figure out what to do when you all get together.

In order to use Microsoft’s Tossup app, users will need to register with their Facebook account or email address. Users can then send out questions to their friends by using Tossup’s polling options, such as “Where should we go for lunch?” and more. Alternatively, you can get creative and come up with your own questions. When it comes to picking out a restaurant, the app will show you restaurants nearby with Yelp that you can add to the poll. You can see restaurant information like opening hours, reviews, addresses, and more.

If your friends haven’t installed the app yet, you can send them a link via email or text message to invite them and get started. Once your friend receives the link, they will be asked to download the app, so they can participate in the poll.

Even though most people will likely use the app for planning formal events, Tossup is equally useful in silly scenarios. For example, if you’re shoe shopping, you could ask your friends’ opinion on which pair to buy. You could also use it to set up bets on who’s going to win the baseball game.

Tossup is the latest app to come from Microsoft’s Garage, which is the company’s program that allows employees to “turn fresh ideas into real projects.” The app was developed by a group within the Outlook team that is based in Silicon Valley and has been tested by students at the University of Washington and Santa Clara University.

Jennifer Shen, the lead manager for the Tossup app says, “Tossup removes the friction around planning. It’s really about connecting with people, removing barriers that cause plans to fall through. Our aim is for you to spend more time hanging out with friends rather than coordinating schedules.”

Tossup is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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