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Stop overpaying for phone service. Mint Mobile is slashing bills to $15 a month

Mint Mobile promo

Cell phone companies are a dime a dozen nowadays, and trying to choose which one to go with can be a head-scratcher. It seems that the saturated market of carriers is making it harder, maybe even deliberately, to choose which one is right for you. Between bloated fees, long-term commitments, and questionable coverage, customers are often stuck between a rock and a hard place. Choosing a carrier and the plan that fits your needs shouldn’t be so excruciating. In fact, when you boil it down to what matters most out of a carrier, you’ll find one standout that delivers the right balance of price, quality, convenience, and best of all, flexibility — Mint Mobile.

Don’t look for them at the mall or shopping plaza. Instead of unnecessary physical locations, Mint Mobile has re-imagined the wireless shopping experience and made it easy and online-only: No stores, no pushy salespeople, no upselling. The setup is simple and online account management makes the switch from your previous carrier to Mint Mobile seamless. By cutting out the overhead associated with traditional brick-and-mortar retail locations, significant savings are passed directly to you.

Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile plans all include unlimited nationwide calls and texts, free international calls to Mexico and Canada, and the amount of data that is right for you. The innovative online carrier introduced the concept of bulk buying to the wireless space. They offer multi-month plans where the more months you buy upfront, the more you save. You can also set up new a duration to automatically renew at the end of your current cycle, so there will never be an interruption in coverage. The chart below highlights the savings you get from each data plan and additional months added.

Mint Mobile Pricing

All Mint Mobile plans come with a seven-day unconditional money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your new service, you lose nothing.

You can bring your own unlocked phone and phone number, or, if you are looking for a new phone, Mint Mobile has the latest devices. Right now, for a limited time, the new iPhone SE + Mint service starts at $30 per month. No matter which route you take, you can keep your phone number and all your existing contacts when you switch.

Mint Mobile Coverage

All Mint Mobile plans include coast-to-coast coverage and fantastic data speeds as it runs on the nation’s fastest, most advanced LTE network. Confirm you are covered by simply adding an address, city name, or zip code into their interactive coverage map. To make you feel even more confident to make the switch, Mint Mobile took it one step further to eliminate all the guessing out of wondering if the service is reliable in your area. One of the coolest options with Mint Mobile is their test drive plan, where they let you use the service for just $5. The trial plan includes 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 text messages, and 100 minutes of talk to test out Mint Mobile where you live, work, and play.

Unlike all of the other major cell phone carriers, there are no contracts with Mint Mobile, nor are there any overage charges. If you happen to run out of data during the month, you can add more by sending a text message or logging into your Mint Mobile account. If you decide you need more data permanently, you can upgrade your 4G LTE data size mid-cycle by merely paying the difference between your current plan and the upgraded plan. 

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