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Misfit Command hybrid watch looks like a classic, but acts like a smartwatch

Misfit Command
The Misfit Vapor may be stealing headlines when it comes to Misfit’s smartwatch lineup, but that’s not the only new product the company has under its belt. Misfit has announced the new Misfit Command, a hybrid smartwatch aimed at delivering a classic design with a few of the smarts you would expect from a smartwatch under the hood.

So what are those smarts? Well, you’ll be able to track things like steps, calories burned, distance, and even sleep, information that you can see within the connected app. On top of that, you won’t have to worry too much about taking the watch off for water-based activities — it comes with water resistance of up to 50 meters, and it has a battery life of one year. At the end of that year, you’ll need to get the battery replaced.

Don’t think you won’t be able to use this device to get notifications — you can create customized alerts for all the standard things, including calls, texts, emails, and so on, thanks to the small subeye with different graphic indications for the type of notification that you’ve received. And, there’s a programmable “smart button” on the device that allows you to do things like control music playback or connect to other devices.

Perhaps the best thing about the Misfit Command is its design — it offers a classic, stylish look and comes in a few different color choices, including Black Steel, Black Copper, Navy Blue, and Steel. As you might expect, you can also change out the straps of the device thanks to the standard 20mm design.

The device in general seems like a great option for those that want to bring some smarts to their wrist but don’t really want to dive into a full-fledged display-based smartwatch like the Misfit Vapor. That may make sense for some — though the Vapor in general got some pretty good initial reviews when it was shown off at the beginning of the year. Since then, the device has moved from Misfit’s propriety software to Android Wear 2.0, Google’s latest and greatest version of its wearable operating system.

You can get the new Misfit Command for yourself from the Misfit website. The device comes at $150, which isn’t a bad price for such a good-looking watch.

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