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You can now use FiftyThree’s Pencil with Moleskine’s Journal app for iOS

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Pencil owners rejoice: You can now use your stylus with Moleskine’s Journal iOS app. That’s FiftyThree’s Pencil by the way — you still can’t use your average Dixon Ticonderoga pencil on an iPad.

Moleskine has teamed up with FiftyThree to make the latter company’s Bluetooth stylus compatible with the journal app. As with the myriad of apps Pencil works on, you can draw on the app and vary the width of the stroke by changing the angle of the stylus against the screen. You can also use the eraser tool like you would an ordinary pencil, by flipping it around and rubbing the screen.

FiftyThree’s Pencil has been around for a while and has a growing list of “Pencil-ready” apps that you can use it with, as the company released the SDK for developers to utilize. A few apps include FiftyThree’s own Paper, OneNote, and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Moleskine Journal is the latest addition to the list.

The Pencil, not to be confused with Apple’s more recent product, comes in three different models: graphite, gold, and walnut. It’s tips are also plated in 14k gold, allowing for minimal latency, and it will also last you a month of power on a single charge.

Likewise, the Moleskine app has been around for a few years and also is integrated with services like Evernote and Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The app allows users to draw, write, and share projects through its various fonts and toolset. Both the Journal app and the Pencil are only available for iOS devices.

The app and the integration is free, but FiftyThree’s Pencil will cost you $60.

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