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MonBaby is monitoring smartwear for your baby’s health and activity

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Keeping an eye on your newborn just got a little easier thanks to the magic of smartwear technology. MonBaby, which debuts in January 2015, offers monitoring technology for your baby or newborn, tracking everything from crib activity to breathing patterns, and other health information.

MonBaby’s smartwear works as a “button” that is pinned between your baby’s clothes, right around their chest chest. The smart button is fitted with a slew of sensors and other hardware that detects your baby’s activity, such as heart-rate, turning, and even breathing. This information is helpful to know if your baby is unwell, or if s/he has turned over in their crib, which can contribute to health risks such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Rather than peer through a pixelated baby monitor in the middle of the night, you can use MonBaby’s app to connect to the smartwear via Bluetooth and know everything about your baby’s activity. The app offers real-time and history data on your baby’s activity too, alerting you by notification if something seems to be wrong. The device doesn’t need to be recharged either – instead if uses a button-cell battery that needs to be replaced every couple months.

Starting with a prototype in 2012, MonBaby has since held a Kickstarter, and is now ready to ship later this month for backers. The makers of MonBaby are also showcasing the device at CES 2015.

For those who are interested, you can pre-order it on MonBaby’s website for a pricey (but still discounted) $120. With a retail price of $170, this is easily one of the most expensive digital baby monitors out there, but it does offer a new take on keeping track of your baby’s health.

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