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Mophie is bringing modular functionality to the iPhone with the Hold Force case

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While a few Android devices with modular designs have been released over the past few years, Apple has resisted taking the modular route with the iPhone. Mophie, however, is here to change that with its latest line of iPhone cases, called Hold Force.

Hold Force, for the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, basically allows users to swap out the back of the case, depending on what they need or want to accomplish. Like the Moto Z, this is done using magnets that allow modular components to be snapped on or off the back of the case quickly and easily.

The case is available in nine different color options, many of which are see-through. There are a total of three modules available for the device right now.

The first is called Wallet, and as the name suggests, it includes two pockets for credit cards. Folio, which is the second module, expands on this with an extra card slot, while also moving all of the card slots to fit inside of the lid.

Perhaps the most interesting module, however, is the Powerstation Plus Mini, which adds a 4,000mAh battery pack to the phone, giving it an extra 12 hours of battery like. It also has a switch-tip connector, allowing the user to switch between Lightning and micro USB — so if you’re switching from an Android phone and have microUSB cables everywhere, you can still use them to charge your phone.

The only thing it’s missing? A headphone jack. Mophie says that its working on other cases that bring the headphone jack to the iPhone 7, like this case by Fuze, but they’re not available just yet.

Mophie’s new case is available for $40, and you can get the Wallet and Folio add-ons for $20 each. The Powerstation Plus Mini comes at a little extra, with a price tag of $60, but if you buy those accessories with the case, you can get the Wallet and Folio for $10 each and the Powerstation for as little as $40.

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